Breaking the waves

I made a promise to a dear friend that I will try and translate at least the posts where I speak about theatre. So here it is, specially for you, Bev:

”Months after its premiere in September, I finally got to see Radu Alexandru Nica’s show, “Breaking the Waves or Bess’s blessed life”. I knew it was nominated for two of the Uniter prizes this year, the one for the best leading actress and the one for the best show, I knew Ofelia Popii acts in it, my favourite Radu Stanca actress, and that was all. When Gabriela came with the invitations to see the play, I said Yuuupyyy, because it was long since I wanted to see it and they didn’t play it these past months.

And because lately I like to share my opinion here about the new plays that I see at Radu Stanca, I will indulge myself once more.

I begin with scenography and lights, because this is the easiest part for me, Dragos Buhagiar once again succeeded in creating the perfect background. I found impressive the use of space and the few scenic landmarks, not many, but with multiple and surprising functions: the over-sized screen, video support or huge light panel where Bess appears crucified in the end, the central metallic structure: table, rocking chair or hospital bed. In Sibiu, we saw Dragos Buhagiar sets in Hamlet and Turandot, at least those are the ones I can remember right now. I appreciated now Vlaicu Golcea for the music and sound design and Daniel Gontz for the video part.

Didn’t start by actually speaking about the play because I still feel emotional, this was a show that impressed me, tears were rolling over on my cheeks, I was lucky with the final applauses, that allowed me to have an honorable face when getting out of the hall. Besides my subjectivity, Radu Alexandru Nica, once again pulled off a good show, with a shocking story, true, but filled with humanity and deep spirituality, despite the fact that they arise from acts probably depicted as vulgar and blamable. It’s a story about limits, even more said about their absence in love, about the sacrifices we are or we aren’t willing to do for the other. Despite the world around or the accepted morality. I found interesting falling into a grotesque abyss, full of sexuality and violence, in order to find the final bliss. Something like: “Heaven’s light comes from Hell’s flames…”, don’t remember who said that or where I heard it, I felt it goes here. I’m sorry that I didn’t see, in order to compare them, Lars von Trier’s movie, on which script, Sanda Anastasof built its adaptation for Sibiu theatre.

Don’t want to give you the play synopsis, you can find it here. I can tell you about the fact that I once again saw dance, movement, mimic, bodies that claimed the scene to tell their story, sometimes more powerful than words. Ofelia Popii, wonderful as always, I guess it’s redundant already to say how much I appreciate her as an actress. This doesn’t mean I didn’t see the other actors: Diana Fufezan, Dana Taloș, Marius Turdeanu = Jan (new in TNRS, it’s his first role here), Ciprian Scurtea, Liviu Vlad, Adrian Matioc, Gelu Potzolli, Dan Glasu și Cristian Stanca.

That being said, I invite you to leave home your prejudices and go to see this show!”


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